About Me
Gallery Affiliations:
In-Town Gallery, Chattanooga, TN
Multitiudes, Blue Ridge, GA
Durinda’s Art Studio, Ft. Oglethorpe, GA
Ringgold Art & Frame, Ringgold, GA
Sweet William, Dunwoody, GA
 Past Commissions:
Hunter Museum of American Art Gift Shop
North Carolina Museum of Art
TN Aquarium & Imax Theatre Gift Shops

Contact information

The Artist Susan Parry

After a second grade class trip to the Museum of Modern Arts in NYC, Susan fell irreversibly in love with art. “How did they do that?” Susan wondered as she stared at various masters’ works deciding that she too, would be an artist.  
Jewelry making is now her primary artistic outlet because it contains elements of other arts while leaving room for variety, challenge, and soul exploration. Susan strives to create classic jewelry with whimsical and meaningful twists, often incorporating symbols that universally connect people. All of her pieces are presented with a bit of folklore, trivia, or poem for added pleasure and meaning.
Regardless of what she composes, Susan likes to imagine her creation will not only touch someone else’s soul in a cherished way, but cause him or her to look in wonder and exclaim, “How did she do that?”