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Susan Parry Designs
 Many glass artists will tell you that glass is an exciting medium to work with because of the wonderful colors available and because of the way it catches light. But for me, it goes way beyond that. Although challenging at times, most anything imaginable can be created in glass. Glass is often my teacher as it helps me to “see” and not just “look” at the world around me. You think you know what something really looks like until you try to make it. For example, it wasn’t until I started working with glass that I really noticed the various contours and colors that distinguish one sea shell from another; that although butterflies have four wings, their upper and lower wings appear to touch as if one on each side; and that portions of a parrot’s feathers are scallop shaped and neatly interlock as do fish scales, to name a few. Learning to “see” how something really looks also helps me when I deliberately want to “mix” things up and create something whimsical. Overall, I strive to create classic artwork with whimsical and meaningful twists, often incorporating symbols that universally connect people. Most of my pieces are presented with a bit of folklore, trivia, or poem for added meaning.